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Atlantic 3 axis CNC Routing Machine with Turning Table

The Atlantic is a 3 axis CNC machining center especially designed for milling and drilling aluminum PVC and light steel profiles. The machine works with 3 axis and with a rotating table which turns to -45° 90° +45° as well as intermediate angles by manual stop control which allows the machine to work on 5 sides of the profile, which are all controlled by a state of the art CNC control system. The standard machine Atlantic-A has the Z axis controlled by pneumatic power which is controlled by the operator, with the Atlantic-B model the Z axis is controlled by the CNC system. The machine comes standard with manual pneumatic tool change with 5 standard tools. The standard version of the Atlantic machine center is equipped with electro spindle HSD brand with 2.2 kW with up to 18.000 rpm with fast and easy tool changing system ISO 30, two zero stop reference with manual control rising, impulse oil lubrication system managed by CNC control all fixed on a heavy duty cabinet. The machine is equipped with PLC numeric control axis management, especially designed for industrial machining with tools management control. The user control panel comes with a 5? x 7 Keypad and one USB ports. The programming language is standard GC
Atlantic-A: Axis Z Controlled Manualy
Atlantic-B: Axis Z Controlled By CNC
Technical Parameters:
Dimension: (LxPxH): 3210 x 1510 x 2018 mm
Nominal Power: 5 kW (7 HP)
Electrical Input: 20 Amps
Electro Power : 220 Volt 3 Phases 50/60Mhz.
Air Pressure: 7 bars
Useful Stroke: X 2750 Y 450 Z 365 mm
Working Space: X 2900 Y 380 Z 310 mm
Max Speed: X 35 m/min Y 40 m/min Z 15 m/min
Acceleration: X 1 m/sec² Y 1.0 m/sec² Z 1 m/sec²
Accuracy: ±0,0100 mm
Electric Power: 2.2 kW @ 18.000 rmp
Max Couple: 3,7 Nm a 12.000 rpm
Cone Attached: ISO 30
Cooling System: Electric Fan
Tool Changing Rack: 5 tools positions
Clamps: Four, Standard
Zero Beat Point: 2 Automatic Rising
Lubrication: Impulse Lubrication System
Table: Pneumatically Rotating CNC Controlled -45˚ 90˚ +45˚ Intermediate Degree by Manual Knob
Remote Control Access of Machine
Total Weight: 910 kg
Electro Spindle 5 kW 4 Poles 0-24.000 rpm
Evaporating non-toxic oil package 5 lt ITALOIL AL10
Laser Preset Tool (detecting length & diameter)
Touchscreen Control with Windows XP Programming
Electrical Controlled Table operated by CNC

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