Single Head Hydro Pneumatic Corner Crimping Machines

The DX-1805 pneumatic crimping machine is equipped with a single crimping head that is hydro pneumatic driven to crimp almost any thickness of aluminum with ease. These machines are equipped with two stable, wide body arms to hold large or small frames for ease of operation. The crimping operation is done with a single foot pedal press which causes the machine to grip the frame with a single pneumatic clamp and causes the machines to pull the frame together and crimp it at an exact 45° angle for a permanent lock. DX 1805's are built on a rigid heavy gauge steel frame for better stability.
DX-1805-A: Manual
DX-1805-B: Digital
Technical Parameters:
Working Air Pressure: 10 Bar
Blade Travel Dimensions: 73mm
Crimping Punch Power: 3500kg
Machine Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1000x925x1140mm
Machine Weight: 205kg
Standard Equipment:
Crimping Tools For 3 / 5 / 7mm
Pneumatic Clamps
Double Support Arms
Profile Backing Bolck 20 / 40mm
Air Gun
Air Filter
Special Crimping Tools

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