DX 3000

Multi Heads Automatic Drilling Machine

The DX-3000 is a multiple heads automatic drilling machine that is available with 2 heads and up to 20 heads on one machine bed. The machine comes with multiple drilling bits on each head that can be adjusted pneumatically or manually. Each head can accommodate up to 4 drilling bits. The DX 3000 is equipped with multiple adjustments to accommodate any drilling situation and features adjustable drilling speeds depending on the material being drilled. The DX 300 can also drill a hole with a countersink all in one stroke. The drilling heads can drill independently or simultaneously and can be used to drill any kind of material. The DX 3000 is ideal for a small shop as well as a large production facility to save time and to be more productive. Our drilling machines are built on a solid welded steel frame for better stability.
Machine Parameters:
Motor Power 0.75 HP
Spindle Rotation Speed: 2800rpm
Minimum Distance Between Bits: 25mm
Maximum Distance Between Bits: 200mm
Minimum Distance Between heads: 155mm
Drill Size: From 6 To 12mm
Power: 220 Volt 3 Phases 50/60Mhz.
Machine Dimension : (LxWxH): 1850x780x1560mm ( Two Heads)
Machine Weight: 630kg.
Standard Equipment:
Single Pneumatic Clamp For Each Head
Two Drill Bits
Side Stops
Air Filter
Air Gun
Single Phase Motor
380 / 440 Volt Power
Lubrication System
Multiple Drills
Automatic Mist Lubrication

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