Double-Headed, Electronically and Manually Controlled Aluminum Saw Machine

This electronically controlled double-headed saw machine is equipped with two 3 HP motors with 500mm blades enclosed in a rigid steel cage and has an electronic console to easily control all movement of the saw from tilting the heads to the desired degree to the movement of the head to a cut position as well as to memorize cutting lists input by a USB or by the keyboard. This saw will accommodate any size job with ease. The two heads can work either individually or simultaneously to cut aluminum PVC or any light alloy in any shaped profile. The blades on this machine cut forward with precise and extreme accuracy. The machine is built on a rigid steel-welded base, 4800mm long, with high-gauge steel for better stability.
DX-3300-A:Saw with 4000mm Bed, Electronic Control
DX-3300-B Saw with 5000mm Bed, Electronic Control
Technical Parameters:
Motor Power: 3 HP x 2 Brushless Motors
Working Air Pressure: 7 Bars
Blades Cutting Angles: +22.5+45 / 90 / -45 -22.5
Minimum Cutting Length: 95mm
Saw Bed Size : 4000mm / 5000mm
Blade Rotation Speed: 2850 rpm.
Lubrications & Cooling: Automatic
Blade Size: 500mm
Total Power: 220 Volt with 3 Phase 50/60 Mhz.
Machine Weight: 2450 / 2950kg
Standard Equipment:
Pneumatic Clamps
Spray Mist Unit
CTC Saw Blade ~500 x 2
Full Protection of The Blade
Profile Support On Moving Head
Center Support Arm
USB Input Plug
Electronic Consol with Memory and Calculation Program
Air Gun
Air Filter
Vertical Pneumatic Clamps
380/440 Volt Motor
Profile Height Measuring Device

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