CNC Newest Generation of PVC & Aluminum Saw Machines

The DX-3500 is a CNC Double-Headed, Aluminum Saw Cutting Machine with raising blades capable of compound miter cuts. It has a fixed head on the left side and a motorized movable head on the right side with a pivoting range of up to 140 outwards and up to 20 inwards with a digital display and a pneumatic tilting of the heads ranging from inwards of 90/45. The machine is equipped with double action pneumatic vertical clamps, full protection of the saw blades, with a movable three (3) meter side support table, and with pneumatic spray mist lubrication for metal cutting, complete with two (2) CTC Saw Blades ~500mm diameter with Two (2) three (3) HP Motors. This saw comes with the following capabilities: single cuts with a single head, memory of 99 profile codes and their values, memory of cutting list already calculated via USB key, manageable frame typologies (Nr. 50), software to expand or reduce the capacity of cuts of length, and a metric/imperial ruler with reading index.

Ferracci Machines USA carries a variety of hydraulic aluminum & PVC punch presses specifically designed for the window and door fabrication industry.

Technical Parameters:
Machine Bed Lengths: 5000mm
Motor Power: 3 HP x 2
Motor Rotation Speed: 2850 r/min
Blade Dimension: 500mm 120t 30mm/dim
Head Swiveling Angle: 20 Inwards 140 Outwards
Blade Tilting Range: +20/ +45 / 90
Lubrications & Cooling: Automatic
Saw Cutting Speed: 4m/min
Working Air Pressure: 7 Bar
Power: 220Volt 3 phases @ 50/60 Mhz
Machine Dimensions: 4987 - 5780 x 1450 x 1365mm
Machine Weight: 278kg
Standard Equipment:
Pneumatic Clamps
Spray Mist Unit
CTC Saw Blade ~500mm (2)
Full Protection of The Blade
2.5 Meter Profile Support On Moving Head
Lubrication By Micro Drop With Pure Oil
Memory of 99 Profile Codes And Values
Memory of Cut List Via Keyboard, USB or RS Cable 232
Managed Frame Typologies (Nr.50)
Software For Reduction or Expansion of Capabilities of Cuts
Measurement Reading By Encoder Installed On Motor
Air Gun
Air Filter
Optional Equipment
Fixed Side Roller Conveyor 2,5mtrs Length
Pneumaticlly Controlled Central Support
Motorized Belt Conveyor 4mt Useful Cutting Length
Motorized Belt Conveyor 5mt Useful Cutting Length
Label Printer
Lubrication By Micro Drop With Pure Oil
Additional CTC Saw Blade 500mm
Emulsified cutting oil 20lt

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