Double Head Aluminum Saw Machine- Ferracci Machines USA

This aluminum saw machine is used for cutting aluminum profiles of any kind, heavy or light duty. The machine is built on a heavy-duty welded frame with two heavy-duty saw blade enclosures. The blades on this machine cut downward in any angle between 45° and 90°. The saw base can also be swung to any angle between 45° and 90°. The heads on this machine can operate individually or simultaneously and can be equipped with an electronic or manual positioning PLC operation. This machine is equipped with two mid-profile supports.
DX-3600-A: Manual with Measuring Tape.
DX-3600-B: Manual with Digital Measuring Display.
DX-3600-C: Electronic Operation Movement of The Head Digital.
Technical Parameters:
Motor Power: 3 HP x 2
Motor Rotation Speed: 2850 r/min
Lubrication & Cooling: Automatic
Saw Blade Dimensions: 400mm x 30mm x 120T
Saw Cut Tilt Angle: +45° / 90° / 45° Degrees
Saw Table Swivel: +45° / 90° / 45° Degrees
Cutting Limits 90 Degrees: 120mm height / 210mm width / 410mm minimum length
Cutting Limits 45 Degrees: 80mm height / 150mm width / 4100 maximum length
Working Air Pressure: 7 Bar
Power: 220Volt 3 phases @ 50/60 Mhz
Machine Dimensions: 4770 x 900 x 1200mm
Machine Weight: 700 kg
Standard Equipment:
Pneumatic Clamping Vertical And Horizontal
Spray Mist Lubrication
TCT Saw Blade ~400mm (2)
One Profile Middle Support
Full Protection of The Blade
Air Filter
Air Gun
Emulsified Cutting Oil 20 l
Single Phase Motor
380/440 Volt Motor
Profile Support Rolling Track
Digital Display (On manual unite DX-3600-A)

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