DX 4000

The DX-4000 Multi-Head Drilling Machine Center.

The DX-4000 drilling machine is and automated drilling machine equipped with four heads as standard and can be supplied with additional heads as requested. Each drilling head is operated pneumatically and is directly driven, (no belts). Each head is completely adjustable on all three (3) axis X Y and Z. Each head on this machine can be equipped with multi-drill bit head and each head can work individually or simultaneously, all controlled from a main control box. Drill heads are all equipped each with a clamping bench which is equipped with one pneumatic hold-down clamp. This machine can be customized to each customer as requested. All motors are 2 HP. All Ferracci drilling machines are built on a rigid heavy gauge steel frame for better stability
DX-4000-A: 4 heads pneumatic
DX-4000-B: 4 heads pneumatic digital display
Technical Parameters:
Motor Power: 2 HP X 4
Each Work Table Dimensions: 240x220mm
Front to Rear Y Axis Bench Travel: 60mm
Feed Distance: 85mm Standard , Can be Customized up to 190mm
Motor Rotation Speed: 1850rpm
Working Power: 220 volt 3 Phase 50/60Mhz
Adjustable X, Y and Z Axis
Drilling Feed Speed: Adjustable
Machine Dimensions: (LxWxH) 4100x990x2030mm
Machine Weight: 1620kg with 4 heads
Standard Equipment:
Four Drilling Heads
Hydro-Pneumatic Drilling Power
Single Pneumatic Clamp For Each Head
Side Stop on each drilling head
Measuring Tape Attached To Table
Air Filter
Air Gun
Single Phase Motors
440 Volt Motors
Additional drilling heads
Vertical Pneumatic Clamp
Digital Measuring
Longer Table Size
Additional Drilling Heads
Speed Control for Each Motor

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