DX 405

Single Head Semi Automatic Aluminum Saw

The DX-405 Single-Head, Multi Function Aluminum Saw is equipped with a 3 HP motor enclosed in a rigid steel cage, with manual cover closing. This machine will cut aluminum PVC or wood profiles at any angle between 22.5 Degree and 90 degree. The machine will cut the material automatically with a pneumatically controlled switch and with hydopneumatic feed cylinder. Peddale switch controll is optional. The blade will come-up from the bottom of the table. The machine can handle any size or thickness of profile. The blades on this machine cut upward with precise and extreme accuracy. The machine is built on a rigid, steel-welded base with high-gauge steel for better stability.

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DX-405-A Manual Feed
Machine Parameters:
Motor Power: 3 HP
Rotation Speed: 2850rpm
Cutting Length: Unlimited
Blade Size: 400mm
Blade Feed Speed: Adjustable
Lubrication: Automatic Mist
Working Air Pressure: 6 Bars
Working Power: 220 Volt 3 phase 50/60Mhz.
Machine Dimensions: 850x950x1500mm
Weight: 240 Kg.
Standard Equipment:
CTC Saw Blade 400mm
Horizontal Pneumatic Clamping Set
Full Protection of The Blade
Air Filter
Air Gun
Vertical Pneumatic Clamp
440 Volt Motor
Foot Pedal Operation

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