Heavy Duty Metal Bending Machines

DX-87 metal bending machines comes in two models. One with manual operation with a foot paddle and one with an NC control which allows the operator to enter the desired angle and the machine will bend the material automatically to the desired angle. The machine is equipped with three heavy duty steel wheels that are all powered and can bend a variety of metals into round shapes. The top bending wheel is powered by hydraulic power to handle very thick material with ease. This Machine can work in Horizontal or Vertical Position. The wheels on this machine are quickly interchangeable to any custom variation. This bending machine is equipped with a standard single 3 HP motor that can handle all kinds of materials. The machine is built on a rigid heavy gauge steel frame for better stability.
DX-87-A: Manual Operation With Foot Faddle
DX-87-B: NC Controlled Automatic Operation
Technical Parameters:
Motor Power: 3 HP
Shaft Diameter A Model: 50mm
Shaft Diameter B Model: 60mm
Top Roller Diameter A Model: 152mm
Top Roller Diameter: B Model: 215mm
Lower Rollers Diameter A Model: 168mm
Lower Rollers Diameter: B Model 215mm
Minimum Bending Diameter: 300mm
Hydraulic Power A Model: 8 Tons
Hydraulic Power B Model: 16 Tons
Working Speed: 4-6 m/min
Motor Rotation Speed: Variable Speed Up To 1800rpm
Working Power: 220 volt 3 Phase @ 50/ 60Mhz
Machine Dimensions A Model: (LxWxH) 810x950x1500mm
Machine Dimensions B Model: (LxWxH) 1000x1400x1650mm
Machine Weight A Model: 500kg
Machine Weight B Model: 950kg
Standard Equipment:
Steel Cage
Three (3) Powered Bending Wheels
Two (2) Support Directional Rollers
Motor With a Brack
Mobile Control Panel
Optional Equipment On NC Unite:
Eight (8) Axis Position Control
Manual, Automatic, Semi Automatic Optional Operation
48 Lines 1000 Programmable Memory
Easy view Screen With 640x480 / 320x240 optional Resolution
Siemans PLC Control 256 kb EPROM
Standard Options:
Pip / Tube Bending Rollers
Profile Bending Rollers
Angle Bending Rollers
Digital Readout
Special Lateral Angle Guides
Bar Twist Attachment
Decorative Forming Attachment
Single Phase Motor 110 volt
380/440 Volt Motor

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