The VX-360 Metal Dust and Chip Collection Vacuum (Explosion Proof)

This metal chip collection vacuum unit is designed especially for the metal work shop industry to collect metal chips during machine operation, or as a shop vacuum to collect chips off the floor. It is equipped with a powerful motor and a state of the art filtering system. The suction devices of the 360 series are used alongside any of your machines. Thanks to their flow rate and depression features, they are ideal for intensive collection of steel, aluminum and or any metal chips including plastic shavings. Featured by a spacious 38 liter tank, they can be used continuously alongside your tool machines. The use of high quality standard components such as the high head side channel turbine is quiet and reliable, and the high flow rate centrifugal fans allows suction devices to operate continuously without requiring any type of maintenance. Furthermore, the standard pneumatic motors filter shaker guarantees perfect and efficient filtering. This unite can be equipped with an automatic filter shaking device with a timer for high usage and nonstop machine efficacy. More metal chip collectors.
VX-360-2.2KW -310 Turbine
VX-360-3KW -310 Turbine
Machine Parameters:
Motor Power: 2 to 4HP
Tank Capacity: 38-39 Liter Capacity
Filter : 3 Micron
Flow Rate: Open PDF File Below - Vacuum Chart.
Noise Levels: 78 db
Power: 220 Volt Triple Phase 50/60 Mhz.
Standard Equipment:
One Outlet Connection Sleeves 100mmD
PVC Flex Tube 100mmD 3 Meter
External Exhaust
Four Wheel Trolley
Please Open PDF File Below - Accessories List.
Automatic Timer Filter Shaker
Change to 110 Volt or 440 Volt Power
Additional Hose
Wireless Remote Control Start / Stop

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VX-360 Vacuum Chart
Accessories List